Pig Servant (Full length Edition)

by Gripe

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    Pig Servant ep plus all tracks from the Indefinite Detention and Man Vs Cop slits with Diseksa and Chulo!

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Fan Requested, for the kids fuck the pigs! Pig Servant ep plus all tracks from the Indefinite Detention and Man Vs Cop slits with Diseksa and Chulo! Recorded, mixed and mastered in one ugly 12 hour session sometime in early Oct 2011 by Joel Hatstat and Mike Albanase in their basement studio (which is also Mikes home). Physical Copies hopefully available soon!!!


released November 25, 2014

Throat- Jordan
Blast Beats- Tom
Guitar- Brandon



all rights reserved


Gripe Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Ghetto Rapist (COPS ARE)
Take away their jobs and give them fucking guns. Take away their schools and give them fucking drugs. Let them kill themselves or lock them in a cell. Fucking ghetto rapists crush any hope of any escape. Shots are fired. Cops don't care. Lives are ruined. Cops don't care. Families torn apart. Cop's don't fucking care.
Track Name: Pig Servant
Mechanical abomination. A life fucking monstrosity. Feeding on our poverty. A heartless machine. And you're its mindless drone. You helped to construct it. A politician, a religious leader, a fucking cop, a puppet. Servants of the pig. Perpetuators of a fucking lie. A disease to all humanity. Traitors. You all deserve to die. No sympathy for cowards. Your power will only last so long. One day you'll see the error of your ways. And you will be repaid. No compassion in your heart and shit for fucking brains. Servants of the filthy pig of capital. Your hands are fucking stained.
Track Name: Greed Thought
Life is temporary. What a waste of time. Hoarding every nickel. Counting every dime. Living life in pursuit of wealth is living life in vain. For nothing destroying. For pointless shit. For worthless material gain. And now your life is ending and you can't take it with you. There's nothing left to spend except for time beneath the earth you raped.
Track Name: Ball Buster
Question her like she's to blame for being his fucking victim. Degrading her more and excusing away any chance at all to convict him. No matter what she wore. Youre the fucking whore. She will never trust a man again and who can fucking blame her? You rationalize the sickest of quests for dominance. "She wore too little.", "She drank too much.". It doesn't mean a rape should be dismissed. A patriarchal system forcing women to submit is just another fucking rapist. it's just another piece of shit.
Track Name: Your Masters Have Failed You
Left or right. Black or white. Your masters will not save you. Different sides of the same filthy coin who's goal is to enslave you. Their differences are a facade, two means to the same end. Do you really think you can change the world by helping the lesser evil win? This is not the way. Fuck the U.S.A. Your vote is not the answer. Choosing from two different kinds of cancer. Fuck your vote.
Track Name: Centuries Old Hate
Your faith was a mistake. Your actions brought about this plague. This figment of your imagination is the product of centuries of indoctrination and using religion as justification for hatred bigotry and exploitation. Centuries old hate. Continue to indoctrinate. Centuries old fear. Another dark age slowly drawing near. A self fulfilling prophecy of strife annihilation and doom. But no God will be coming through the mushroom clouds to save you anytime soon.
Track Name: Southern Dehumanazation
A hotbed of ignorance. A cesspool of hate. Where bigots and racists and fools congregate. Poverty runs rampant though the rich cannot tell. Because its hidden in ghettos or trailer parks or locked in a cell. Christian morality is shoved down our throats. And their God writes our textbooks and decides how we vote. What a crock of shit. This place is our home but its also a pit. And its hard to climb out or to have your own mind when you live every day of your life "in the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines..."
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Forty hours of my goddamn week, imprisoned within this waking nightmare. Getting payed crumbs to bottom feed. Forever to struggle. Forever despaired. Fuck! It will never end. Its pointless. I don't give a shit about this venture. How does your business further my life? You say that its fair because you give me money. But its barely enough to fucking survive. I'm a bottom feeder. 'Im your fucking slave.
Track Name: Grind Into Extiction
Bright Flash in the distance. Quickly closing in. Vaporizing flesh and bone. Devoured by nuclear wind. Soundtrack of apocalypse. Embrace the defening sound. The consequence of ignorance. Dust again into the ground. Grind into extinction.
Track Name: Plea For Death
Please please. Just pull the plug. Please. I've suffered enough. I've lost all my hair. I vomit fucking blood. Everyday I wake up in this hospital bed. I have to live but its my life and I want to die instead. The selfish control that you call morality is just the fear of your own mortality. Just fucking kill me. Please.
Track Name: Machines Have No Mercy
They've been programmed to kill. You may have a conscience but machines are bloodthirsty. Machines are the future because machines have no mercy. Machines don't sympathize, or feel, or have pity for you. They will only do what they're programmed to do.
Track Name: Not A Fucking Joke!!!!!
Ha ha ha. Not A Fucking Joke!
Track Name: Indefinite Detention
indefinite detention. The witch hunt now begins. Their victims locked away forever without a trial to win. Suspicion. Their patience is wearing thin. The walls are closing in. Now we are all terrorists. Now we can all be imprisoned. No more fronts, no more lies, true oppression without disguise. Welcome to your police state. Welcome to your freedom's demise.
Track Name: Slave Planet
The human condition is ignorance and greed. We're always putting our wants before our needs. Neglecting compassion, consumed by desire, the ends justifying the means. Projecting our weakness, it's self replicating, a cancerous insecurity. Working against ourselves. Striving for a false ideal. Our gods are our possessions. Our fate is now fucking sealed. A slave planet consuming itself.
Track Name: False Prophet
This world cannot be saved by your pathetic excuse for a deity. He couldn't even save us from your astounding arsenal of stupidity. You're a false prophet. Your faith is in a myth. Your God is revolting. You're peddling shit. Take your Bible and throw it in the trash. Take your salvation and shove it up your ass. A false translation and misinformation. You've turned your religion into an occupation. Denying the facts that science has proven. Exalting your ignorance. You worship illusion. A sheep in wolves clothing. A whitewashed tomb. A fucking fear monger. A prophet of doom.