Indefinite Detention

by Gripe/Diseksa

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Gripe/Diseksa split! Collaborative effort between Gripe and Diseksa! 350 copies pro tape courtesy of fast die, Green Peace, Tombs In The Valley, and Opaques records!


released March 21, 2012

Gripe is
Jordan - Throat
Tom - blast beats
Spencer - bass
Brandon -Guitar



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Gripe Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: Indefinite Detention
indefinite detention. The witch hunt now begins. Their victims locked away forever without a trial to win. Suspicion. Their patience is wearing thin. The walls are closing in. Now we are all terrorists. Now we can all be imprisoned. No more fronts, no more lies, true oppression without disguise. Welcome to your police state. Welcome to your freedom's demise.
Track Name: Slave Planet
The human condition is ignorance and greed. We're always putting our wants before our needs. Neglecting compassion, consumed by desire, the ends justifying the means. Projecting our weakness, it's self replicating, a cancerous insecurity. Working against ourselves. Striving for a false ideal. Our gods are our possessions. Our fate is now fucking sealed. A slave planet consuming itself.
Track Name: Ballbuster
Question her like she's to blame for being his fucking victim. Degrading her more and excusing away any chance at all to convict him. No matter what she wore. Youre the fucking whore. She will never trust a man again and who can fucking blame her? You rationalize the sickest of quests for dominance. "She wore too little.", "She drank too much.". It doesn't mean a rape should be dismissed. A patriarchal system forcing women to submit is just another fucking rapist. it's just another piece of shit.
Track Name: You Can't Spell Dead without D.E.A.
They say you protect, they say that you serve, but what about your family? You're such a hero but their best interest wasn't your priority? You chose instead to become a cop and put yourself right in harm's way. What a fucking shame that your whole family must be left here in pain. You're the source of so much pain. This is all your fault. Ego trips and ignorance, that's what pigs are made of. It isn't drugs but oppressive thugs that we should all be afraid of. Now you're dead, they severed your head and that's what you signed up for. And when you chose to make our choice for us, you started the fucking drug wars. Heroes don't kill and die for nothing at the expense of those they love. What a fucking shame that you're the only one to blame.
Track Name: Your Masters Have Failed You
Left or right. Black or white. Your masters will not save you. Different sides of the same filthy coin who's goal is to enslave you. Their differences are a facade, two means to the same end. Do you really think you can change the world by helping the lesser evil win? This is not the way. Fuck the U.S.A. Your vote is not the answer. Choosing from two different kinds of cancer. Fuck your vote.